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How To Make Clara's

Twice Baked Potatoes

 Why bake a potato once when you can bake it twice

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Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, Clara would prepare her famous Twice Baked Potatoes. They were a real crowd pleaser and devoured. No leftovers of this delicious dish! Baked Potatoes are a nice simple side, but the fluffiness inside and crispy outside of a Twice Baked Potato is so much better. Please enjoy this treat at your next Holiday Dinner or anytime in between! 

5 potatoes

7 Tbsp butter

2 tsp salt



What You'll Need (serves 5)


How To Make Them

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Pre-heat oven to 375°.

Wash and dry the potatoes.

Rub approximately 2 tbs. butter over the skins of the potatoes.

Put potatoes on a cooking sheet and let bake for about 90 minutes. Stick the potatoes with a fork, if it goes in easily, they're ready.​ Pull the potatoes out and let cool for about 20 minutes.

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Carefully remove the top third of the potato with a knife. Scrape the potato off the skin of the potato tops and save them in a medium size bowl.

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Scoop the rest of the potato's insides and keep separated from skins in bowl. Be careful not to break the potato skins in the process.

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While still warm, add 5 tbs. butter, a ½ tsp of salt and mash the potatoes with a fork. When properly mashed fill the potato mash back into the potato skins.

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Sprinkle a little paprika on the tops of each. Season with more butter or salt to taste. 

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Set oven to broil. Broil the potatoes for about 10 minutes or until the tops are a nice rosy color. Remove and let cool a bit before serving. You can use the previously removed top skins as tops to keep the potatoes warm if dinner isn't yet ready. Just remember to take them off before serving!


Serve and Enjoy!

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