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How To Make Clara's

Espresso with Sweet Crema

 Strong Italian Coffee with a sweet frothy twist

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Watch Clara make Stovetop Espresso with a homemade sweet Crema.

Clara's favorite drink was Coffee, American Coffee in the morning and Italian Espresso in the afternoon. Coffee is a great way to bring together friends and family. The caffeine boost always inspires conversation and creativity. Clara was no exception. She loved to have people over for a cup of Coffee so we could catch up, reminisce and play cards. 

Espresso can be bitter for some and Clara took hers with sugar. In this recipe, Clara shares a decorative way to add a touch of sweetness to your cup of Stovetop Espresso. 

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What You'll Need 

Italian arabica beans (espresso ground) 

cold water


Special Equipment

stovetop espresso pot (such as a bialetti)

espresso cups

espresso spoons

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Add cold water up to the notch of the bottom half of espresso pot. The notch looks like a bolt and nut. 

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Place the metal basket over the lower half of the pot. Add enough coffee grounds so it is level with the top of the basket. Do not over fill or pack the grounds.

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Screw the top on tightly. Place the pot on stovetop. Electric stove should be set to high, gas stove to medium. Take care not to expose the handle to gas flame.

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Begin to prepare the sweet Crema by filling an espresso cup ⅓ with sugar.

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Monitor the espresso pot and when the first few drops of espresso come up, immediately pour a few drops into the dry sugar. Replace the pot back on the stove burner to continue brewing the coffee.

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Vigorously stir the sugar and drops of coffee in the espresso cup. The result should have a caramel like texture. If it is too dry, as a drop or two more of coffee. If it is too liquidly, add more sugar.  

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When the coffee has fully brewed, pour into an espresso cup (not the one with the sweet Crema). 

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With an espresso spoon, add a small amount of the sweet Crema. On the surface of the coffee, gently shake the Crema onto the surface. It should begin to form a light, filmy, creamy froth. 

Enjoy with


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